Kathryn Sowinski
Dark RedArchipelago: Blue Violet, Orchid and Moss GreenFossilsTeal RipplesSunset Orange with Brown and AquaGolden Yellow with Butterfly GhostMagenta, Indigo, Cyan, Yellow and OrangeIndigo CloudCranberry and GreensDapple: Magenta, Blues and Light PinkTide PoolsClementineGreen with FlowerPurple ResistBlue and OrangeRainbow Colors with GessoRedBlues on the RightHorizontal Green and RedGreen and Blue with Magenta RingYellow with Red DiagonalsGreens with Looped LineBlue, Brown and Purple with GessoGreen and Blue Horizontal
Abstract Watercolors
I began these abstract gouache paintings in spring of 2017 while my twin daughters napped. The work builds on my abstract oil paintings and watercolor landscapes I began while studying in Italy.
When I worked as an elementary school art teacher, I saved the scrap papers my students used beneath their artworks to protect their desks. The scrap papers, used by multiple students for many years, are gorgeous: they have layers of ink, watercolor, permanent marker, pencil, oil pastel, and tempera paint. There are lines, letters, doodles and washes of colors. I use the casing from an old 35mm slide as a viewfinder to select a composition within the scrap paper. I use gouache to recreate the composition on watercolor paper. The organic compositions are evocative of landscapes, seascapes, and natural elements like pebbles and puddles.
After a year of painting the tiny pieces, I started working larger. I begin the larger paintings by using tissue paper and water to create marks. Then I add finely detailed gouache paintings copied from and inspired by the scrap papers created by my former students. I continue the artworks using a combination of loose mark making and carefully controlled observational painting, blending the two ways of working into a unified whole.