Portfolio > Architectural and Landscape Fantasies

Scooby's Flower
collage, gouache, graphite, plastic and thread on paper
14" x 27"
Turquoise Ovals
collage, graphite, ink, and thread on paper
23" x 18" (framed is slightly larger)
Chain of Lakes
collage, ink, and thread on paper
11" x 6" (framed is slightly larger)
gouache, graphite, collage and cotton thread
detail, 12" X 9"
gouache, collage and cotton thread, platic
11" x 8.5"
Printed Balconies
acrylic, collage, cotton thread, beads
10.25" x 8.5"
Turquoise Trellis
gouache, collage and cotton thread
11" x 8.5"
Twisted Trees
collage and cotton thread
8.5" x 11"
Periwinkle Net and Magenta Bird
Paper, thread, glass beads, and plastic on paper
12" x 8.5"

The art of urban societies frequently shows our human desire for a connection with the natural world, as seen in everything from ancient Roman frescoes of gardens to Chinese panel paintings of mountain landscapes. As a city dweller, I am drawn to quiet natural elements: A path winding through the woods. Moss hiding in the shadow of the tree. Stones on the ground sparkling in the sunlight. Bright red berries in raspberry bushes. I am also interested in human constructions echoing natural forms: Balconies teaming with potted plants. Gardens outgrowing the confines of a gated courtyard. Wrought iron railings with floral motifs. Man-made walls mimicking crumbling, ancient stone walls. Tangled electrical lines that look like jungle vines. I begin my work by painting observed details and use collage and embellishment to create imaginary architectural and landscape fantasies.