Kathryn Sowinski
Scooby's Flower
Turquoise OvalsChain of LakesThai TempleCastleTreehousePrinted BalconiesTurquoise TrellisTwisted TreesBalcony with MangoesRicolaCave with DeerWindow and BedBalcony with TreeBalcony with LeafPeriwinkle Net and Magenta Bird
Architectural and Landscape Fantasies
The art of urban societies frequently shows our human desire for a connection with the natural world, as seen in everything from ancient Roman frescoes of gardens to Chinese panel paintings of mountain landscapes. As a city dweller, I am drawn to quiet natural elements: A path winding through the woods. Moss hiding in the shadow of the tree. Stones on the ground sparkling in the sunlight. Bright red berries in raspberry bushes. I am also interested in human constructions echoing natural forms: Balconies teaming with potted plants. Gardens outgrowing the confines of a gated courtyard. Wrought iron railings with floral motifs. Man-made walls mimicking crumbling, ancient stone walls. Tangled electrical lines that look like jungle vines. I begin my work by painting observed details and use collage and embellishment to create imaginary architectural and landscape fantasies.